The Odyssey Fun Farm. Located next to the Odyssey Fun World in Tinley Park, IL

19111 S Oak Park Ave, TInley Park, IL  |  708.429.3800  |  info@odysseyfunfarm.com

Open Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 - Nov. 1st, 7PM till 12MID (11pm on Sunday)! Odyssey Fun Farm will open its gates at NIGHT and take those who dare on a pitch black, narrow path winding through the cornfield to hunt for ZOMBIES! Brave souls will board a highly equipt Safari Hay Ride outfitted with 20 Zombie Slaying paintball guns, mounted turret style. Once aboard, your fellow slayers and you will be ferried to the killing grounds via a tractor tow. Once in position, lights will come on and the Zombies will attack from all sides, trying to make your brains their next meal! Have no fear, as your trusty paintball gun will drop these Zombies right where they stand! The best part about this experience is the Zombies don't shoot back! Take the Safari Challenge if you dare...just make sure your aim is true and you have plenty of ammo!

$22 for a Zombie Safari Hayride including 100 paintballs, unlimited compressed air and gun rental. Refills available for $5 for 100 extra paintballs.

We are open 10am-6pm Daily  |  Sept 27th - Nov. 1st

We will be closed on Tues Sept 30, Wed Oct 1, Tues Oct 7 and Wed Oct 8. We will open up especially for you if you have a group of 75 or more!